Age Network Multidisciplinary Research Enhancement Funding

To facilitate multidisciplinary research, the Age Network will support new collaborations among our three supporting units (College of Nursing, College of Public Health and Health Professions and Department of Psychology in CLAS).  These funds are to be used to initiate or enhance projects leading to applications for specific external funding. Requests will typically be for $1,000 to $5,000 but may be up to $10,000.  The funds may be used as top up funds to existing studies or for a new pilot study.  Any faculty member in the three supporting units may be the principal investigator, and at least one co-investigator must be from one of the other supporting units.

Please email your request in PDF or Word format to Dr. Beverly Roberts (robertsb@ufl.edu)  Funding is available immediately, and deadlines for these requests are the first of each month.  Funding decisions will be made by the end of the month that the request was submitted.  The number of enhancements funded will depend on the monies available. 

A maximum four page description of what is proposed, how the funds will be spent, and plans for external funding submission, should be submitted..  Once we have reviewed your project, we will likely contact you to clarify specific aspects of your request.  The narrative (maximum three pages) should include

An additional section (maximum one page) should address:





College of Nursing

College of Public Health and Health Professions

Department of Psychology
UF Institute on Aging