Age Network Reviewer Registry

The Age Network maintains an internal Reviewer Registry. This is a service that relies on Network members to volunteer to serve as reviewers of journal submissions, grant proposals, and other scholarly documents. Members can also send their materials to the registry for review.

The Reviewer Registry is one initiative to increase intellectual exchange and collegiality among aging researchers across units at UF. More than twenty faculty members, with a wide range of expertise, have currently joined the registry.  

Susan Bluck (Psychology in CLAS)
Michael Marsiske (PHHP)
Beverly Roberts (CON)

Here are some simple guidelines for requesting a review:

(i) Contact a coordinator as soon as you are aware that you will need a review in future.

(ii) Next, please try to be ready to submit the document for review at least two weeks prior to the time at which you would like to receive feedback. Allowing two weeks will ensure that we can find reviewers who have time in their schedule to provide this service for you. Don’t feel that you need to provide a final draft! It may be better to provide a less polished draft in time for review and feedback incorporation.

(iii) If you don’t have two weeks, please still contact us. We will try to find a speedy reviewer for your document.




College of Nursing

College of Public Health and Health Professions

Department of Psychology
UF Institute on Aging